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Gear used in Each Production Phase Pre-production:  sharp eye, good questions, camera, ear for a rehearsal, detailed organization. Recording: Neumann, Gefell, Royer, Shure, and Audio Technica microphones; custom cable plant with flash-gold on all connectors; Grace Designs pre-amplifiers and converters, redundant Alesis data recorders, all powered by a UPS. Post-production: Protools 10, 11, and 12; Waves, SPL, and Slate Digital plug-ins; purpose-built, acoustically treated mix room with class-A powered Tannoy monitors, custom stereo subs, modified crossovers, Cranesong monitor controller, three large data displays…. …along with the ears and experience to put it all together.

MARS Equipment

Many studios exercise their “bragging rights” on pages such as this. We do a little of that here, but mostly we know how to make all of these elements work together.