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Frank Stearns did his first remote recordings of cathedral pipe organs before he was licensed to drive (this did pose a transportation problem). He did his first studio recordings at 17, and then over the next decade spent a “double-time” career in studio recording, accruing some 40,000 engineering hours at studios in Spokane, Seattle, and Los Angeles. Live sound mixing, for public address and theatrical sound-reinforcement, proved to be an ideal complement to studio work. Live demands, including mixing up to ten shows per day during extended festival events, rapidly honed logistic skills and unveiled how to put artists at ease in high-pressure situations. Frank also got to see audio equipment from the manufacturing side, having spent a year with Quad-Eight Electronics in North Hollywood, CA. Quad-Eight was a custom builder of large- format audio consoles for film sound and recording studio applications. In later years Mr. Stearns built a successful specialty software company with a customer base spanning the globe. But recording was a passion never far away, and he produced and engineered the occasional project while running the software enterprise. In 2004 Mr. Stearns returned to recording full-time taking on a number of new projects. He has also included the challenge of small-room acoustics, designing and building the main post room at the MARS offices, the modest MARS tracking room, and also the MARS location system.

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Frank Stearns

Producer/Engineer, MARS Principal
Yes, Roland and Frank are brothers, and they do get along.