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Why Use MARS?

The relatively lower cost of today's recording equipment means that many more individuals can record their own work. So why use MARS? What is the added value ? Consider these factors…
Service Provided…
From the Hobbyist
From the Semi-professional
Using MARS professional
Organization, Defining the Project
Session Comfort and Performance Empathy
Ongoing Communications
Shows up day of event, might not know fully what to expect
Hit and miss; some okay, some terrible
Sometimes a complete miss in spite of best intentions
Might want to get payment and leave ASAP
 Help the artist get the best possible performance.
Might have other interests or responsibilities making communications tenuous
Repeated calls could be required to pry loose project status and get answers to your questions
Knowledge of Acoustics & Human Perception
 Well-planned production sequence; prompt answers; call backs when promised. Many questions answered before they're asked.
Working in Adverse Conditions
Production Costs
Production Results
Backup Recorders and Power Systems
Spotty or possibly erroneous in some areas
Might not care
 Front and center, as these items are among the primary keys to get the best possible results.
Perhaps a "deer in the headlights" reaction; inability to adapt.
Might not notice
Almost never
 Problems are preempted or mitigated by pre-production reviews; adaptation(s) based on experience if a problem arises on site.
Superficially low or free, until do-overs or missed material is factored in
Lack-luster sound quality reduces public interest and disappoints the artist
 Affordable “no surprise” pricing.
Working with People; Project Administration
System, Equipment, and Techniques
Price and Real Costs
 Excellent  free pre-production meeting and venue evaluation, well ahead of the event.
 Vibrant, engaging sound that moves the recording to "world class" status, and contributes to maintaining and expanding interest in your music.