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How good are you and the MARS system? We’re pretty good from a number of different perspectives — technical background and experience, side-by-side with musical comprehension and “feel.” But there is one area well-known in the studio that is often overlooked in location situations: our ability to work well with various artists. We go out of our way to work with you, and to help you capture the best music possible. The success of that goal depends on a synergy of location, equipment, your performance that day, and how comfortable you feel during all stages of the project. We like to do the best in all areas. How much do you charge? As you might guess, a large number of variables determine the price of recording. We generally work on a "project" basis. We'll have a meeting about the project, review the site if this is a location project, and get an overall "feel" for what you want to do. We'll then propose a single price, or perhaps pricing
in stages, depending on the scope of the project. There is never any charge for these types of pre-production meetings. Regardless of how the project is priced, we always let you know where you stand, and when you might be incurring charges for something that was outside the scope of the initial project outlined in our pre-production meetings. There will never be any "sticker shock" when working with us. We are pleased to provide a formal, written quotation for each project, and will be bound to that quotation unless you decide to add services and hours. We won't charge for any additional hours caused by our oversight or any technical problems, rare as they might be. Repeat business is critical to our ongoing success, and we will make every effort to keep you as a satisfied, return client. Perhaps the most important part of this is telling you up front as many particulars as possible, then discussing any potential deviations from our original, mutual plan before they become an
issue. That's a rough overview of our pricing; do tell us more about your project and we can provide you more exact numbers. (For additional pricing information, click this line.) Do you have any demos of your work? Yes! Go to the Samples page for samples and  production demos. Enjoy! How much input can we give and how much control do we have? This is your project and your money, so you are the boss. However, we would be bereft if we failed to alert you to specific problems that we might see. We can act as producers for your project, giving feedback on performance or making various other artistic suggestions. Usually, these projects are collaborative efforts to get the most from your musical abilities and our technical knowledge.

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