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How much will all this cost?

Lots of variables are in play, but after we understand your project thoroughly, we’ll give you an estimate, and always advise you if the project looks like it might exceed that figure. You’ll never get any “sticker shock” from MARS.

Discounts apply for high

school and college


In general, we typically include these items in any start-to-finish project: Pre-production meeting and site evaluation (no charge) Round-trip drive time and mileage, up to 30 miles included at no additional charge A block of hours as need for set-up, recording, and tear down A block of hours per our agreement for mix and edit time One master music CDR and one backup music CDR, plus optional MP3 encoding. Written analysis of the project (technical notes and information for mastering engineers if the project is going for commercial replication, or notes for technical directors if the project has some other use, such as theater music) Additional charges will be incurred for production hours that you'd like to add beyond our initial agreement (such as extending the session time to record additional material), travel mileage beyond 30 miles, and special services such as coordinating a production run of CDs. For extended session or live festival work discounts are built-in to reflect the fact that we've only done one set-up for the multi-day event. If festival participants wish to share recording expenses and be billed separately, and have their segment of the recording handled independently, we can do that for a small added administrative charge for each participant. The exact amount depends on the services each participant would like. (This cost would be included as a line item on our quotation.) We do want customers for life, so high schools and universities will receive a steep discount, typically 20-40%, depending on the project and hours involved.