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Dr. Stearns has an unusual blend of aesthetic and technical knowledge. Not only has Dr. Stearns recorded several live and session events throughout Germany (including the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra and the inaugural CD of the new Johannes Rohlf pipe organ in Altensteig, Germany), he has also taught classical guitar and lute, and performed on both instruments throughout Europe. Dr. Stearns has also written a series of readily-accessible musical text books. After earning his Ph.D. in music, Dr. Stearns moved to Europe to further his academic and performance interests. At the same time, his interest in high-end recording dove-tailed with an ongoing need for such recordings and thus propelled him into a parallel career path. In the German Tonmeister tradition, Dr. Stearns brings broad technical and practical experience to recording, along with a deep knowledge of music and music performance. His breadth of understanding of music in many historical contexts helps him achieve recordings that are not only technical tours de force, but also highly engaging because of the musical aliveness that Dr. Stearns is innately able to capture. Dr. Stearns currently teaches in the Music Department of Southern Utah University.

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Dr. Roland Stearns

Producer/Engineer, MARS Principal
Yes, Roland and Frank are brothers, and they do get along.