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What people say about MARS… "Your recordings consistently amaze me..."               — Dr. Scott Tuomi, Conductor, Pacific University Chamber Singers "...Everything is clear, sweet and beautiful..."                                —  Gaura Vani, Composer, Musician, Producer "Our sound felt great on stage. Thanks for doing it!"                — Members of "Time for Three" following their Cedar City Performance                (Frank switched from recording to mixing front-of-house PA) "Frank [Stearns] is the sine qua non of excellent mix engineering, truly the most gifted mix and location recording engineer I've ever known."          — Benjy Wertheimer, Composer, Musician, Producer and Engineer “You record, mix, and master with a cosmic touch.”                 — Daryl Redeker, Singer/Songwriter, “The Guild”
"Your work is amazing ! I'm so glad we crossed paths. I've not heard my guitar sound so 'real'... including the tone and punch of a vintage Martin guitar, on any recording I've ever done."                 — Marty Warburton, Bluegrass Writer, Picker, and Empresario "I've never heard my Martin sound so good..."      — Leraine Horstmanshoff, Singer/Songwriter “[Frank] is an excellent recording engineer, with thorough and up-to-the-minute knowledge..."      — Dr. Michael Kissinger, Conductor and Composer, Bravo Vancouver "Thanks for everything you do."                       — Dr. Adam Lambert, SUU Music "How did you get such amazing clarity?"                          - Marc Grafe, Muscian and Engineer, Portland, Oregon “The [Carmina Burana] recording is great!”      — Stephan Galvan, Conductor and Composer, I-Sing Choir
Roland [Stearns] way of recording [and] editing is characterized not only by an absolutely skillful handling of the technical field, but also by an intuitive sensitivity of taste and musicality.                    — Uli Schlumberger, Composer and Musician, Stuttgart, Germany “Wow.”                     — Galen Huckins, Composer/Arranger "We appreciate the excellent sound and your quick service."    — Nancy Aldritch, Director, Tears of Joy Theatre, Portland, Oregon   "[MARS’] love for the art form combined with technical expertise result in musical, pristine recordings that actually do justice to the performance."                         — Brian Granse, Singer-songwriter, Portland, Oregon Thanks, Folks!